ACT Out Ensemble

Transforming Lives

The ACT Out Ensemble believes in the transforming power of live, improvisational theatre to engage, educate and entertain audiences on prevalent social issues. The ACT Out Ensemble casts light on problems, creates conversations, and identifies solutions for everyday situations.

Founded in 1995, the ACT Out Ensemble has already helped transform the lives of more than 500,000 through the unique power of live social-issues theatre, and has been recognized by The Washington Post, CNN and Teen People Magazine for its excellence in original work. ACT Out’s innovative technique breaks down stereotypes and debunks social myths, creating a greater, longer lasting impact on audiences than other methods. ACT Out has performed for schools, universities, corporations, hospitals, government agencies and various community organizations nationwide.

Professional actors act out a variety of topics, including bullying, diversity, social anxiety, substance abuse, and more, in intense dramatic scenes. The performances are followed by direct, research-based analysis by the audience and presenters.

All shows are original and thoroughly researched with the guidance of highly-qualified educators and health care professionals. ACT Out’s programming meets the Indiana State Standards, per the Indiana Department of Education, on more than 27 social issues. Data shows that 85% of students who participated in ACT Out’s programs retained the presented information and practiced it in real-life situations.

Every ACT Out performance (length, topic and format) is uniquely tailored to suit the intended audience. The ensemble is dedicated to crafting programs that are meaningful to the communities we serve and committed to bringing significant change to the lives of our audience members. While these discussions embrace personal responsibility and individual solutions, audiences are encouraged to connect their thoughts during the performance to real-life situations and emotions after the performance. That is the power of live theatre!

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