ACT Out is now evidence-based!


Claude McNeal Productions is excited to announce that our ACT Out program is now evidence-based in cyber-bullying prevention! A 19-month evaluation process overseen by a team of professionals from Prevention Insights at the Indiana University School of Public Health included a preregistered, published protocol, and a rigorous randomized control-trial, which is the gold standard of intervention evaluation.

Study results have been published in JMIR Mental Health,  a highly-regarded online publication that is part of the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Results indicated that students who saw an ACT Out show were less likely to have been cyberbullied several weeks later compared to students who had not seen a show. Beyond that, results showed a 97-100% intervention fidelity rate (checked by independent observers) and a remarkably high emotional response from program participants (e.g., students found the program engaging, believable, helpful, etc.).

As ACT Out begins the process of becoming registered on health and educational clearinghouses and registries for evidence-based programs, the cyber-bullying program is poised to gain national attention and will be the only one if its kind in the state of Indiana.

“This will open up the possibilities to diversify our funding opportunities even greater, by expanding our reach in Indiana, across the Midwest and around the nation,” stated Claude McNeal, President and Founder of Claude McNeal Productions. “We are extremely grateful to Lilly Endowment Inc. for funding this study in its entirety.”

Prevention Insights enables prevention and treatment professionals from a wide array of organizations to deliver evidence-based programs, policies, and practices to the general public. Its mission is “strengthening a behavioral health system that promotes prevention, treatment, and recovery.”

For more information on the ACT Out program, contact Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Owen at 317-916-0568 or email

Find the full results of the study by clicking HERE

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