Creative, smart and informed advice that improves your theatre performance and opreations.

Claude McNeal consults with Madame Walker Theatre CEO, Cynthia Bates

With the rising costs of theatre operation, it's more difficult to operate a theatre while generating enough profit for consumable supplies, upkeep, marketing and future infrastructure expansion. That's why many non-profit theatre organizations are calling on Claude McNeal Consulting. With fifteen years of successful theatre management, a vast cache of experience, and knowledgeable, friendly staff, Claude McNeal Consulting is ready to help you optimize your theatre's business processes so you can deliver the best theatrical performances effectively and efficiently throughout the season.

CMP Consulting --

  • Provides experts in the performing arts who can help you enhance and further develop your performances.
  • Analyzes and optimizes your business, operational, and performance processes so that immediate and long term issues are addressed.
  • Customizes your plan of action so that it more closely fits the organization's goals and needs.
  • Facilitates effective performance presentation, coordination and design so that your performance is effective every time.

"We appreciate the wonderful work you and your staff have done. Your research and guidance is much needed."
-A 'Lelia Bundles
Great, great granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker

Client List:

Glacier National Park Theatre Operations

Herron High School

IUPUI School of Music & Arts Technology

Jordan Academy of Dance

Madame Walker Theatre Center

Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center