Cyberbullying Prevention Program

Most Teens Have Experienced Cyberbullying

According to a 2018 study by Pew Research center 59% of U.S. teens have been bullied or harassed online, and a similar share says it's a major problem for people their age. At the same time, teens mostly think teachers, social media companies and politicians are failing at addressing this issue.

Cyberbullying that takes place over digital devices like cellphones, computers and tablets can cause significant social, emotional, physical, and psychological effects with serious consequences on grades and health including:

  • Low self esteem
  • Isolation
  • Illness
  • Insomnia
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Thoughts of suicide

Get our low cost, high impact cyberbullying program now!

ACTOut Can Help

Our cyberbullying, evidence-based programs are low cost and high impact. In fact, 97%-100% of teachers report a high SEL Fidelity rate.

Students who participate in our program will:

  • Identify if they are cyberbullying or being cyberbullied
  • Understand how this makes the person being bullied feel
  • Know what steps to take to report the problem
  • Identify if they need help and where to get it

The ONLY evidence-based cyberbullying prevention program of its kind in Indiana!

  • Proven to reduce cyber-bullying victimization by 20% for those students who attend an ACT Out show.
  • Evidence-based for SEL fidelity, with a 97% - 100% fidelity rate.
  • Shown as a strong reinforcement to impact current SEL programming, the ACT Out program will support SEL growth and student/staff well-being by allowing students to express and process their feelings, broaden their social and conflict resolution skills and develop the ability to focus and practice engagement on a consistent basis.
  • Listed on the IDOE website as a resource for Safe and Healthy Schools, under Title IV funding. (Click here for the Resource Guide.)

Looking for additional resources?
The following is a list of organizations or websites that care about cyberbullying prevention:

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