Claude McNeal Productions has several programs that cater specifically to youth or young adults.


The Youth and the Arts (YATA) program exposes underserved or underprivileged children to the performing arts.


The Humanities Theatre Group uses theatrical performance as a tool to reinforce topics taught using traditional education methods.


The ACT OUT Ensemble uses theatrical performance as a tool to discuss selected social situations that viewers should be aware of.

Arts Education for Claude McNeal Productions is based on the principle that the arts are an essential component in preparing young people intellectually, physically, emotionally and ethically for the complex and continually changing world. With three distinct arts education programs in place, we provide opportunities for students to learn and practice theatre arts and explore their creativity in an honest, non-judgmental environment under the guidance of qualified artistic and academic professionals. We believe that success at education comes from the most natural and simple things that happen between teacher and student, student and their peers, etc., by creating a 'state of ease', an atmosphere which allows for the student to think and relax in. Creating an atmosphere of total collaboration and kindness, we find, allows for the students to 'quietly consider' their thoughts and feelings beyond the problems they face on a day to day level. They come away with a greater sense and awareness of self, of belonging, and a greater sense of cooperation.


Additional critical needs which 'making theatre arts' address: the ability to more quickly learn and react, healthy bonding with peers and mentors, improved attitude toward the 'instructional process' (school) and consequently school performance, and team work. With our colleagues we incorporate the practices and culture of respect, and peaceful approaches to social interaction into our work. We also believe within all of our educational programming, that we are helping to create a better-rounded individual that is becoming a productive member of society, proud of their heritage and a successful contributor to arts in general. We use theatre to communicate issues and ideas that are difficult to address in any other way, specializing in alternative theatre-related educational programming for the greater Indianapolis area. Approximately 90% of our educational programs focus on the underserved population of Marion County specifically, with our primary work being done with the Indianapolis Public School System.