Our Unique & Successful Partnership with Peace Learning Center

Peace Learning Center: A how-to for resolving conflict

"The situations are age-appropriate and realistic. The students were totally engaged."
Teacher at St. Bartholomew School, Columbus, Indiana, on an ACT OUT presentation



In 2007, Claude McNeal Productions began a highly unique and successful collaboration with Indianapolis-based Peace Learning Center (PLC), a community educational institution that teaches peace-building and communication skills to youth and adults to build healthier communities. The partnership, supported by Lilly Endowment Inc., includes collaborating on shows about conflict resolution and sharing staff, resources and venues. Components of the partnership include:

  • Interactive theatre sessions for Peace Schools that focus on peace issues
  • A reworked initiative to combat bullying
  • Peer-to-peer youth interactive theatre
  • Diversity appreciation
  • Power of Peace musical and dramatic presentations

PLC and ACT OUT programs have been designed to address challenges related to issues of violence, diversity, and education by focusing on the underlying common denominator: conflict resolution skills.

PLC, in partnership with ACT OUT, takes a community approach by offering programs that reach youth, parents, school staff, youth workers, and community leaders and break past behaviors by helping them learn new ways of dealing with conflicts and differences that do not involve violence.


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