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A History of Success!

Claude McNeal Productions has the exclusive licensing rights for over 80 original Claude McNeal cabaret shows. Whether it's a particular period in time, a specific style of music, or a detailed look into one of America's own musical artists, Claude McNeal has a variety of productions that can fit into any of these topics.


Broadway Now!

"One of the most important success stories in American theatre."
- The Indianapolis Star

- The New York Times

Over his career, Claude McNeal has developed a unique form of cabaret theatre. This new style of cabaret has been implemented in his successful and unique arts programs and theatres in New York, Connecticut, Indiana, Florida, and Montana. His highly-acclaimed works have been produced in major cities nationally and internationally. Today, American theatre is moving towards Claude McNeal's style of presentation that he has been producing for over 30 years.

Hollywood Nights!

Shows Available for Licensing!

List of Available Shows!
Click here for a list of original Claude McNeal Productions' cabaret shows available for licensing!
For more information, contact Jeff Owen at (317) 916-0658.
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Some of our more popular shows include:

Satchmo! (Tampa, Indy)                 Decades (NYC, Seattle, Palm Springs, Indy,

                                                                      Tampa, & nationwide)


Swing! Swing! Swing!                    The Fab 50s (Indianapolis, Tampa, California

(Branson, Toronto, Tampa, Indy)                            & nationwide)


Amazing Gospel                            Hollywood Nights (Tampa, Indy)