Youth & The Arts

Groundbreaking arts curriculum for underserved youth!

For more than thirty years, the Youth and the Arts program (YATA) has provided opportunities for students to experience the performing arts. Participants explore their creativity in a down-to-earth environment under the tutelage of qualified academicians and performing artists. YATA programs use the performing arts to prepare individuals intellectually, physically, ethically, and emotionally for an ever-changing world.

Annual Summer Workshops in the Performing Arts!

Each summer, The Youth and the Arts (YATA) program, in partnership with Herron High School, provides two summer performing arts workshops for up to 50 students ages 14 to 18. Classes in acting, vocal instruction and dance inspire the students to express themselves and explore their creativity under the guidance of qualified artistic and academic professionals. Each workshop culminates with a final performance. 

"Extraordinary, creative, nourishing!"
- The Indianapolis Star

"We've got to get this to all our schools. It's on the cutting edge!"
- Dr. Wanda Riesz
Former Director of Alternative Education
Indianapolis Public Schools


YATA program history and offerings include:


  • Innovative apprenticeship/internship programs
  • Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Brigeport, Connecticut
  • American Cabaret Theatre, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • GPI Summer National Theatre, Glacier National Park, Montana
  • The Alternative Academy for the Arts (in conjunction with Indianapolis Public Schools), American Cabaret Theatre, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Summer performing arts camps
  • Year-round training program and productions with acclaimed Indianapolis charter school, Herron High School

Year-round Training Programs at Herron High School!

See production photos below from our many years of working with acclaimed local charter school students from Herron High School.